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Welcome to Mascrafts. I’m so glad that you stopped by. Mascrafts is all about DIY and gifting.

Begin by finding what you need from the categories below:

1) Gift wrapping/Gift presentation tutorials:

Sometimes the beauty of a gift and its presentation is more delightful than the gift itself. At Mascrafts, we believe in highlighting the splendour of each gift and presenting it as uniquely and creatively as the gift demands.


2) The Story behind the gift:

There is nothing more memorable and touching than personalizing a gift to relate it to a long deeply-etched incident between two (or more) people. This can be a standing joke between two friends, a funny one-off story that is repeatedly recalled often or just something that a person secretly longs for and needs.

Read how by a little ingenuity, an ordinary gift can be transformed to a super awesome, extraordinary gift that will move you in a way that lasts forever.


3) Demos and tutorials:

..of just about anything. Papercraft and cards and household DIY


4) Gallery:

Browse our gallery of tons of pictures of craft and quilling and cards.


5) Miscellaneous :

Everything that doesn’t fit in the above four categories ..haha. Humour and personal stuff and other stories. Find them all here.