Wrapping a baby’s shirt

I love shopping for baby clothes.

So much that I always wonder whether to mention it as one of my hobbies. Some people collect coins, some paintings. I collect infant clothes.

“Babywear” are so small and precious; they serve as an instant trick to to get me into a good mood. 😀

When someone I know is expecting, I get another excuse to knit, shop , window-shop, press-my-nose-against-the-window-of-shops (i.e. literal window-shopping) …well , you get the picture!

What’s even more fun than buying them is wrapping them! A lot of baby clothes have a printed message on the top. I use them to my advantage and display that as the “gift label”. For instance take this shirt I gave my cousins’s chubby newborn son.   It is an electric blue tee that says “I’m the best present ever”. This is the original shirt :


Cute little baby shirt

I folded the shirt so that the text was the only visible part.


Baby Moosa

I wrapped it in cellophane and tied a pull bow ribbon and voila:


Baby Moosa 2


Truly, the best present ever! Do tell me what you think and leave a comment below.

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