The Woman in Black


She is neither Angel nor Death, but if there was a list of human “women in black”, she would be sure to make the list.

She absolutely loves black. She is drawn to the colour like a moth to a flame and we could entice her to buy anything as long as it had a black version. I have lost count of the number of black clothing she has stashed away in every corner of her wardrobe.

Leggings and kurtis and tops and stoles.

Jeans and shalwar kameezes and shirts and shorts.

Black and black and black and black.

She is probably the only girl I know who can carry off black on black. (By that I mean, a black kurti on black leggings) I’m sure there must have been a black stole in the attire too but my memory fails me.

Whenever I went shopping for birthday gifts for her, I used to have an unconscious pre-conceived idea of what I had to buy for her.

It always was a black stole (or a book).

It was a standing joke between us that I always alternated my gifts every year ( with a black coloured stole or a book).

It wasn’t that I didn’t try to find something else – it was just that when I did like something that was another colour, the inevitable question would loom: “Will she like it? Will she wear it?” and I quietly would place it back and return to ‘Black Stole’

One fine day, years later, I found myself shopping for her wedding gift. The last ten years of black shopping made me ‘black with rebellion’ and I decided to break my tradition once and for all and I charged with great fervour to buy something non-black, ignoring the vexatious “Will she like it? Will she wear it?”

What I didn’t know was the extent to which I would break it. I bought something with every colour there is …except black.

Mascrafts-The_Woman_In_Black BFF law, I’m aware, states that she is compelled to wear whatever I give her so THERE! I imagine she has meekly started to buy clothes in each of these colours in order to match the watches. Sweet vindication :)

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