My Best Friend’s 21st Birthday

When the time came to decide what to give my best friend Savvy on her 21st birthday (and by time I mean about ten-eleven months before her birthday ; haha…just kidding, it was probably 3 to 4 months :P), I had already decided that the gift would be something special and different from what I usually gave her. There is nothing great or meaningful about turning 21 in India but to my mind it is a magical number that  marks the transition of turning from a college-going free-spirited girl to a beautiful elegant woman and that year  I had made it a point to gift all my friends in my class with something relatively grand (and as far as possible, handmade :)) on their birthday (except for one friend whose birthday unfortunately , came at a time of exams and I am yet to make it up to her :( ).

I decided to give her a heart shaped box containing a big gift in the centre and 20 little gifts around it. You know-Like, one gift for every year of her life :D.

So that is when I started my exhaustive hunt around the city for 21 gifts.

It wasn’t very successful.

I never counted the size of my gifts when I laid down my plans. The only way you can fit 20 gifts in a box is if all the gifts are the size of a finger ring (duhaa me) so everything that I found nice and lovely for a gift was ruled out because of “size constraints”. Eventually by the time her birthday arrived, I’d collected seven gifts. I’d bought 2 earrings, 2 rings and 2 keychains. The last one ( i.e. the ‘big’ one) was a huge wallet and didn’t even fit inside and I handed it to her separately .

I retrospect however, I would have bought several pairs of earrings because those are her favourite accessory. That time however, I so full of big plans with a single-tracked mind, I didn’t think of it.

So shown below is the heart box and the seven gifts. You know -Like, one gift for every three years of her life 😛


I still wanted a ‘21’ theme so I created a cut out number ’21’ from cardstock, which I’m afraid isn’t very clear in the picture I have. It did look like a 21 though, whatever the picture might say :) ; It just wasn’t standing up well. It was a mistake to build it out of cardstock- I should have used paper board but as you’ve already noticed from my 21-to-7 incident, I’m very foresighted  so I didn’t have any paperboard when I was building it ( which was a day before her birthday – I’m also very timely and punctual) nor time to buy it.  With my cousin Twinkle’s (thank you soo much, sweetie) help, I made the 21 ‘hamper’ throughout the weekend finishing late at night (Honestly , she saved me from doing a lot of stupid things with the card stock ’21’… which is a story for another day).

The sides of the box as well as the “vertical flaps” you can see that are covering the top are 2 inch strips of cardstock that are wrapped individually with shiny wrapping paper.


I placed each trinket in flattened cup-cake holders and stuck them to the base of the box


The 21, as I mentioned is made of cardstock on which I had decoratively written the happy birthday text.


I hope in all honesty that Savvy liked it! Did you like it? Leave your comments below to let me know.

2 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s 21st Birthday

  1. Mifrah

    If she’s ‘Twinkle’, who am I?

    • Aisha


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